Our names are Zac and Quintin. We started this brand as a way to express our creativity and share it with the world. Our ideas are both original and unique, leaving you waiting for the next channel. Each and every channel we release will be different in its own ways. We plan to grow and learn through this process and we invite you along to do it with us. As young adults, this is a major step forward into our future. But each and every step after that will bring new opportunities onto the table. We plan to make short lookbook films with each drop to give the customers a chance to see what they're in store for as well as hype it up. This is our chance to expand our abilities with cameras as well as create a new visual for our clothing. With this, there will also be pictures of the items taken and posted on multiple social medias for the public to see. We have so much in store for you guys as well as this brand.